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News / Acquisition of Rodael by Herbarom Group

Laurent Equipart & Luc Ardouvin

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques RODAEL by our group Herbarom.

Expert in nutraceuticals for more than 10 years, via the Phytéo Laboratoire brand, we develop and manufacture food supplements, and medicines in dry and liquid galenic forms, based on the group's historical know-how in natural plant ingredient solutions.

Founded in 1987, in the North of France, RODAEL is a French expert in the development and manufacturing of dry galenics for the nutrition and human health markets (drugs, medical devices and food supplements).

Through this investment, our ambition is to provide a wide range of customer solutions that create value for our customers' business thanks to:

  • the enhancement of our expertise in product development produit,
  • increasing our manufacturing solutions for dry forms,
  • the agility of two production sites to meet your requirements,
  • the commitment of our teams to the successful implementation of our customers' projects.

This is another step in the growth of our group.

Welcome to Rodael!


Luc Ardouvin - CEO Herbarom Group

I am delighted to announce the integration of Laboratoire Rodael into the Herbarom group, to reinforce our growth in Food Supplements and Pharmaceutical Products market.

This acquisition is fully in line with the Herbarom Group's strategy and our ambition to double our value by 2027, through the combination of companies with high potential in our strategic markets.

It also confirms our unwavering commitment to undertake, create and develop value for our customers through a strategy of scalable and agile solutions.

Welcome to the Rodael team!


Laurent Equipart - Site Director of Laboratoire Rodael

I am delighted to announce that Laboratoire Rodael is joining the French industrial group Herbarom - Phyteo Laboratoire.

To support the development of our company, we have chosen to join the ambitious project of this major player in the food supplements and pharmaceutical products market. We will thus be able to rely on our complementary expertise and in particular on Herbarom's recognised know-how in the development of tailor-made solutions, in liquid and dry forms.

A milestone in the history of our company, which I am proud to share with our entire team and my family.



      About Rodael                                                                             

  • Established 1987
  • Family-owned SME
  • 1 production site in Bierne (North of France)
  • 90 employees
  • 8.5 M€ turnover
  • Key markets: Food supplements / Pharmaceutical solutions / Animal feed


      About Herbarom Group

  • Established 1994
  • Family-owned group
  • 3 production sites and 1 head office
  • 215 employees
  • 50 M€ turnover
  •  Key markets: Agriculture / Beauty & Fragrance / Flavour & Food / Food supplements/pharmaceuticals