Phyteasy, the solution to boost the launch
of your food supplements


As a food supplement expert for over 15 years, Phytéo Laboratory introduces Phyteasy, a set of turnkey solutions to suit your needs and your clients’ expectations.

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The food supplement market is a high-growth market, but is also a highly competitive one, where it is not easy to gain market share and stand out from competitors. The longer the time-to-market, the higher the risk of losing market share and competitiveness.

Offering support to create value for your brand

2 approaches, a shared foundation of expertise and services


Ready-to-launch turnkey products.

A ready-to-go solution with a range of products, a complete kit of services included and complementary options

  • Ready-to-sell products
  • Scientific folder
  • Marketing folder
  • Technical and regulatory folder
  • Packaging and design
  • Premium options (consumer tests, training for your teams)

Formulations optimised for performing nutraceutical products.

A range of optimised formulations for performing nutraceutical products, coupled with an à la carte service offer

A catalogue of formulas validated as market solutions

  • Identified area of benefit
  • Established consumer profile
  • Ingredients already selected
  • Efficient galenic formulations
  • Controlled industrial manufacturing

A service offer which includes many options to meet your support and marketing needs

Save valuable development time

Give a boost to your product launches


Relying on a strong, comprehensive industrial partner in your sector 



A range of solutions and services built from the market and from our knowledge of your business challenges thanks to the marketing, R&D and sales teams

Herbarom groupe

The Herbarom Group

Natural plant ingredients have been the core of our group for nearly 30 years and we share our commitment regarding the selection and manufacture of raw materials

Phyteo laboratoire

Phyteo Laboratoire

Qualified project teams are by your side on each of our industrial platforms, complying with your expectations in terms of quality



Ready-to-launch turnkey products

Discover Phyteasy ready to go, a range of food supplements covering the market’s most requested areas of benefit: stress, sleep, digestion, immunity, beauty…

Our offer is based on our expertise in food supplements as well as on market trends.

A concentrate of benefits for your brand

Reduce Time To Market
Launch your products 2 to 3 times more quickly compared to a standard launch

Boost your profitability
Ready-to-sell products with already finalised development steps
from A to Z

Reliable, comprehensive resources
A solution which includes a comprehensive scientific and regulatory folder

Secure your launches

Enjoy performing products:

  • Adapted to the nutraceutical market dynamics
  • Developed by food supplement experts

4-dimensional benefits

Secure formula
With validated product quality, stability and performance trials.

A consumer-oriented range
Stress, sleep, digestion, beauty, immunity, blood sugar level…
Those are the daily concerns for which consumers are in search of performing natural solutions.

Specifically adapted galenic forms
Every galenic formulation is carefully studied to offer the ultimate consumer experience and guarantee a performing cure.

Made in France

Scientific folder

Have every key element at hand to validate formula performance

  • Health concerns
  • Physiology data
  • Consumer need
  • Product solution
  • Active ingredients
  • Clinical trials

An essential resource base
Use the bibliographical resources we provide to go further.

Regulatory study and claims
All information is at your disposal for each of the products.

Finalised pack, casing and labels
We have already declared and validated the products with the DGAL for the French market.

Products created as “market solutions”
Clear marketing positioning: use, consumer target, challenge, countries and distribution networks.

Marketing content at your disposal
Texts and presentations built to promote your launches.

Customisable packaging
Regulation-compliant label and packaging templates supplied.

Are you looking to accelerate the launch of your food supplements?

Phyteasy_Family D3-DHA_Mockup

Family D3-DHA

For a family in top condition


Fresh Digest

A natural ally for immediate digestive comfort



A healthy ally to help with blood sugar level



Regain quality sleep quickly and lastingly


No stress

A natural support for stress management



A beauty ally for a fuller & firmer skin



A boost for memory and concentration


Formulations optimised for performing nutraceutical products, with à la carte services 

With Phyteasy Dev’Up, enjoy:

  • Solutions developed and selected by our R&D experts for optimum, performing, consumer-adapted formulations (taste, aspect…)
  • The agility and performance of a CDMO to adapt the formula to your specifications if needed and stay on course with your launches
  • A convenient service offer that is entirely managed by our teams of in-house experts

Marketproof solutions

resulting from a market study to validate consumer interest for:

  • The desired benefits
  • The galenic adapted to the formulation
  • The consumption pattern

A wide range of services

A la carte formulations and services to create your perfect solution:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Project briefing support
  • Formulations
  • Pilot
  • Price positioning strategy
  • Regulatory and scientific services
  • Marketing and sales services

Look for inspiration and make your choice

  • Immunity
  • Rehydration
  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Vitality
  • Stress
  • Fertility
  • Detox
  • Prenatal care
  • Joints
  • Memory
  • Swallowable tablet
  • Syrup
  • Capsule
  • Orodispersible stick
  • Chewable or suckable tablet
  • Effervescent tablet
  • Orodispersible tablet
  • Sachet
  • Gummies
  • Families
  • Children
  • Women
  • Active individuals
  • Sportspeople
  • Seniors
  • Students
  • Young people

Together, let’s find the perfect solution for you!

Discover our catalogue of à la carte formulations & services 

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