Herbarom, a complete range of ingredients of natural origin for your cosmetics and perfumes, most of which are certified organic


Herbarom has always been driven by naturalness. It is our essence, our very DNA.

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Inspired by naturalness, we develop and protect our art: that of delicately capturing the power of plants in order to extract the sublime gently and with respect for the raw material.

Today, this conviction and passion have been passed down in order to continue offering you ingredients of plant origin that form part of a true sustainable approach.

Discover all the categories of ingredients of natural origin offered by HERBAROM, responding to new trends in the beauty and perfume market.

Hydrolates, floral waters, plant waters, essential oils, vegetable oils and more: cosmetic ingredients of plant and natural origin

HERBAROM offers you a selection of made-in-France cosmetic ingredients, of natural origin and mostly certified organic.

En fonction de vos besoins et de votre projet, nous pouvons également développer spécifiquement des ingrédients sur-mesure.

Discover our main ingredient categories


Our hydrolates are aqueous distillates, co-products from the distillation of fresh and seasonal plants, rich in essential oils. They are obtained via steam distillation and after the separation of essential oils.

FOCUS ON OUR FLAGSHIP HYDROLATE PRODUCTS, including our rose hydrolate

Plant waters

Our plant waters are derived from steam extraction of plants - distilled water - or dried flowers - floral water.

FOCUS ON OUR DISTILLED-WATER AND FLORAL-WATER PRODUCTS, including our blueberry floral water.


Our Aquacell® products are cellular waters from organic farming, obtained via natural extraction processes. An original creation of Herbarom, they have been specially designed for the formulation of certified cosmetic products. As such, our Aquacell® products have been COSMOS certified by Ecocert Greenlife, according to the COSMOS standard available
on this site.

FOCUS ON OUR KEY AQUACELL PRODUCTS, including the raspberry Aquacell

Essential oils

Our pure and natural essential oils are obtained following traditional extraction techniques. The extraction method chosen will depend on the type of essential oil to be extracted. Beyond their use in cosmetics, they are the ingredient par excellence for the composition of fragrances.

FOCUS ON OUR ESSENTIAL-OIL PRODUCTS, including peppermint essential oil. Note: All our essential oils can be used as home fragrances.

Vegetable oils

Our vegetable oils are extracted via a mechanical cold-pressing process that preserves the properties of our ingredients. Depending on quality requirements, certain oils may be refined or deodorised, etc.

FOCUS ON OUR VEGETABLE-OIL PRODUCTS, including Fair For Life certified argan oil.

Macerated oils

Our macerated oils are the result of gentle maceration of plants in vegetable oil. Carried out at room temperature, this makes it possible to preserve all of the plants' active ingredients and avoid degradation of the oil.

FOCUS ON OUR MACERATED-OIL PRODUCTS, including the macerated oil of carrot, one of our specialty plants.


Our butters are obtained via mechanical pressing of beans or emulsion of walnuts and crushed almonds to recover their fat.

FOCUS ON OUR VEGETABLE-BUTTER PRODUCTS, including Fair For Life certified shea butter.

Dry extract

Our aloe-vera dry extract is a concentrated fine powder obtained from the fresh juice of the plant. Easier to use, this powder makes it possible to recreate a native aloe-vera gel via rehydration.

To find out more about this ingredient, contact our sales team.


Discover our essential ingredients for the formulation of your cosmetics. Raw ingredients available in organic version or for use in organic cosmetics.

including our glycerines based on karanja or soya.

Non-exhaustive ingredient list. 


Our team of experts will be happy to accompany you and meet the needs of your project.

The natural: more than a trend, a criterion of choice for consumers

In recent years, major changes have arisen in consumer behaviour. Everyone, at their own level, has become more attentive to the products they consume. A search for meaning, to understand the origins of foods, of ingredients and manufacturing processes and to follow brands with ethical values: all new behaviours that have had a lasting impact on today's consumptions, in a return to naturalness.

This search for the "natural" in consumers' lives also translates into the desire to see very concrete actions from cosmetic manufacturers, such as simplifying the ingredient lists of cosmetic products and fragrances, making the origin of ingredients transparent and clearing demonstrating the brand's ethics.

As such, it is no longer enough to simply offer a list of ingredients and raw materials making up a cosmetic product. Consumers want to know more, such as the geographical origin of ingredients or the farmers who have cultivated the plants. This deliberate need for information is a committed action, seeking to choose their cosmetic product or perfumes responsibly and confidently. The naturalness of products has become an important dimension for cosmetic and perfume brands.

This is something we fully understand. Since our creation in 1994, naturalness has been essential for us. It forms part of our DNA, of our history, our everyday work and our future. It is our raison d'être: taking inspiration from nature to transform your ideas into reality. To do so, we strive to work closely with our partner farmers. This allows us to harvest plants at maturity in order to capture and concentrate their properties and beauty benefits.
As a result, we guarantee to incorporate natural ingredients in your cosmetic formulations, whether conventional or certified organic, to meet the expectations of your customers.

Looking for natural cosmetic ingredients for your formulation project?

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