HERBAROM, a range of plant extracts to integrate within the composition of your flavourings and drinks

Botanical extracts

Discover a wide range of standard ingredients or specific developments to meet your requirements in terms of quality, sensory characteristics and stability for the formulation of your flavourings.

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Since its creation, HERBAROM has offered botanical extracts to players in the food industry, particularly flavourists, manufacturers of beverages and nutritional products and formulators of food supplements.


We offer a wide range of ingredients that can be integrated into these markets:

Essential oils

Our pure and natural essential oils are the result of traditional extraction techniques. They are the perfect allies in the composition of your natural flavourings.

LET YOURSELF BE INSPIRED BY A WIDE RANGE OF QUALITY AND CERTIFIED-ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS including essential oils of bergamot, lemon, roman chamomile, ginger, lemon balm, thyme and more.

Vegetable oils

Our vegetable oils are extracted via a mechanical cold-pressing process that preserves the properties of our ingredients. They are certified organic (Agriculture Biologique), guaranteeing both their quality and traceability.

DISCOVER OUR VEGETABLE-OIL PRODUCTS including apricot, coconut, camelina, olive, sesame, sunflower and more.


Our vegetable butters are obtained via mechanical pressing of beans or emulsion of walnuts and crushed almonds to recover their fat.

FOCUS ON OUR VEGETABLE-BUTTER PRODUCTS, including organic and Fair For Life certified shea butter.


Discover our unmissable ingredients for the formulation of your cosmetics. Raw materials available in organic version or for use in organic cosmetics.

FOCUS ON OUR UNMISSABLE PRODUCTS, including our certified-organic glycerines based on karanja or soya.

Speciality extracts and plants

With our expertise in cultivation sectors and traditional plant-extraction techniques, we have developed specific know-how around four plants with which we have been working for many years: carrot, lovage, parsley and angelica.

We guarantee the traceability and controlled sourcing of our ingredients. Our R&D and industrial teams can also develop specific qualities of extracts to be sustainably integrated within your formulations. 


The seed of this plant is distilled in order to obtain the essential oil.


The seed of this plant is distilled in order to obtain the essential oil.
The uses of parsley


The root and leaf of this plant are distilled. Several types of extracts are obtained: essential oil, aromatic substance, the concrete and the absolute.


The seed of this plant is distilled in order to obtain the essential oil.

Facing growing demand for healthier food products, with a clear preference for natural products, as well as the evolution of demand in terms of transparency regarding the origin of ingredients, botanical extracts are now indispensable and offer a host of opportunities for product development.



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