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Herbarom, tailor-made cosmetic ingredients


Our vision of the profession of developing custom-made cosmetic ingredients is the art of producing the purest and most environmentally friendly plant extracts, blending them together to get the most out of them for your cosmetic formulations and laboratories.

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Depuis 30 ans, nous accompagnons nos clients dans le product development de leurs propres produits cosmétiques et les aidons à se différencier, grâce à un accompagnement personnalisé.

We're committed to inspiring you, by exploring all the nuances of each plant extract in order to derive their benefits and beauty properties. Our is the assurance of perfect integrity and traceability, from the field to the final cosmetic product.

Always attentive to your projects, it is in this dynamic that we co-create your tailor-made extracts, alongside you, for the manufacture of your cosmetic products. Discover our comprehensive support of custom-made cosmetics:

Support from A to Z: from the manufacture of natural ingredients to their cosmetic formulation

Developing a custom-made cosmetic ingredient requires multiple areas of expertise: sourcing, technical, regulatory and commercial. From the selection of your ingredient to its integration in your cosmetic formulations, HERBAROM is commitment to supporting you from A to Z thanks to our expert teams. Our team of experts - cultivation specialist, research & development project managers and business managers - dedicated to the Beauty & Perfume industry, remain attentive to your ideas in order to find the best solutions together. Based on your need or vision, we source your ingredient – or even develop a new procedure – and refine the extraction method to develop the ideal finished product.

Whatever your needs, we develop our support over five main steps:

Precisely building your specifications together and guiding you throughout your project.

Submitting our first ingredient proposals for your organic or conventional flavours to reach an agreement on a theoretical offer.

Creating samples in our R&D laboratory to validate sensory and organoleptic dimensions.

Providing you with complete technical-regulatory documentation allowing you to approve the ingredient.

Manufacturing the natural ingredient or flavour.

At each stage of your project's development, we rely on our technical skills in plants and extraction, applied to cosmetics, in order to offer you the best advice.

For example, we take into account criteria directly related to the plant, such as seasonality, quantity and typology of the plant; or the typology of the extract, whether it is lipophilic or hydrophilic, for example. We produce our extracts based on solvent extraction or distillation technologies.
These criteria can change specifications significantly. Our role is to stay attentive and remain as close as possible to your expectations and needs, in order to guide you through your project.

In other words, HERBAROM's added value is in translating your final need into a recommendation and proposal of natural and plant-based ingredients.

Taking advantage of our knowledge of cosmetic formulation to ensure you meet the requirements of your specifications

Herbarom has both an R&D laboratoy and a cosmetic-application laboratory, offering it all the necessary skills in cosmetic formulation. The integration of cosmetic-formulator expertise allows us to offer you the most suitable solutions for your needs and understand all the challenges posed by your planned end product.

Beyond our range of ingredients, thanks to our in-house laboratory annexed to our processing site, with more than 115 plants in our catalogue, we can produce different mixtures of extracts or essential oils upon your request.

Let yourself be inspired by our range of ingredients to create your tailor-made extract. 

Our mixtures are made in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in our laboratory located at our plant-extraction site in Aouste-sur-Sye. (Drôme).

Each mixture is thoroughly checked for quality and compliance with current regulations.

The tailor-made manufacture of your extracts for your cosmetic products, in compliance with quality and regulatory requirements

The quality of ingredients and compliance with cosmetic-market regulations are essential for the success of your project.

Our support goes far beyond the technical aspect of developing a tailor-made cosmetic ingredient. It also includes regulatory considerations, from the very outset of the project. Our objective is to guarantee the product's conformity in accordance with the regulatory specificities in force for cosmetics. For this, we provide you with all the technical and regulatory documents necessary for the validation of the raw material. For example, our service includes recommendations for dosages to be incorporated into the formula of the finished project, allergen and IFRA certificates necessary for toxicological evaluations, and more.

For total transparency, quality assurance and traceability, all our ingredients are checked by our in-house laboratory.

HERBAROM, your tailor-made cosmetic-ingredients partner, with you at every stage of your cosmetics- and perfume-development project.

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