HERBAROM, your business partner for the tailor-made composition of food flavourings


Composing new flavours using natural ingredients and flavourings, tailor made just for you

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Tailor-made support: from the manufacture of plant-based ingredients to the formulation of natural flavourings for your food products

Developing a custom-made natural flavouring requires multiple areas of expertise: sourcing, technical, regulatory and commercial.

By turning to our full-service accompaniment, you'll have us at your side every step of the way, thanks to the support of the expert teams within our company. Always attentive to your ideas, they work with you to find the best solutions.

We source your ingredient based on your need or vision, or even develop a new agricultural harvesting supply chain in France, offering the possibility of exclusivity to help you stand out from competitors. Depending on the desired flavouring, we refine the extraction method to create the ideal ingredient.

Whatever your needs, we develop our support over five main steps:

Providing you with complete technical-regulatory documentation allowing you to approve the ingredient.

Submitting our first ingredient proposals for your organic or conventional flavours to reach an agreement on a theoretical offer.

Creating samples in our R&D laboratory to validate sensory and organoleptic dimensions.

Providing you with complete technical-regulatory documentation allowing you to approve the ingredient.

Manufacturing the natural ingredient or flavouring.

We rely on our technical expertise in plants and extraction, applied to the food market, to advise you in each stage and guarantee the stability of your formula.

To meet your needs, we can work on the formulation and blend different specific fragrances, or even create a precise aromatic profile.

We have made carrot, parsley, lovage and angelica our speciality plants, rigorously selected for their aromatic qualities.

Compliance with quality and regulatory requirements

The quality of ingredients and compliance with food-market regulations are essential for the success of your project. 

Indeed, new consumer trends such as functional foods, sugar-free, salt-free, fat-free and gluten-free products have led to an increase in demand for natural flavourings in the food sector.

Consumers are demanding increased transparency regarding the types of ingredients used in the composition of their food and drink. Their traceability is also essential.

Knowing how to communicate on traceability, as well as with regard to the name of each ingredient composing a flavouring, a food or a drink is a must on the food market. 

Beyond regulations, this is the pledge of a company that is conscious and committed to its end customers, while remaining concerned for all actors in the chain. Firm values for the new consumers of today.

In view of this, European regulations are adapting to govern the use of flavourings in food, seeking to offer consumers even greater protection.

  • Regulation (EC) No 1331/2008 provides the regulatory framework for flavourings in Europe. 
  • Regulation EC/1334/2008 provides the conditions for the use of flavourings (prohibited substances, dosages, labelling rules, etc.), the types of natural flavourings and their names

By turning to HERBAROM, you'll gain peace of mind with a comprehensive service, ensuring the success of your custom-made project.