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Animal health and welfare is a major issue for farmers, consumers, veterinarians and all stakeholders in the sector. Faced with the specific challenges of livestock farming, it is imperative that service companies, pre-mixers, feed factories and farm factories propose effective solutions to care for animals, in particular through the supplementation of feed as a vector of animal health and livestock performance.

For this, natural solutions can be developed to meet a specific problem or challenge faced by formulators or technical managers. This requires in-depth expertise and we can help you to meet these challenges, supporting you at every stage of your project!

For over 15 years, HERBAROM has been supporting players in the food and animal-health sector in everything from the development of natural ingredients to the formulation of custom mixtures of complex natural products.

It is our belief in the interdependencies between human health, animal health and ecosystem health, combined with our knowledge of plant benefits, that has naturally led us to the animal-feed market.

Our expertise in the sourcing, formulation and production of tailor-made solutions based on essential oils, powders and plant extracts guarantees you quality support at every stage of your project, as well as total control of your specifications.

Always attentive to your projects, it is in this dynamic that we co-create your mixtures for the tailor-made manufacture of your animal-feed products. Discover our comprehensive custom-manufacturing support for your products.

A wide range of plant-based ingredients for your tailor-made animal-feed solutions

At HERBAROM, we're committed to extracting the active agents best suited to your needs from each plant ingredient.
Our aim to is guarantee the traceability and perfect integrity of your ingredients, as well as their compliance with the applicable European regulation EC No 1831/2003.

Allowing you to find alternative solutions is our mission.
We offer a complete range of ingredients, each presenting specificities to be considered in your choice.

• Essential oils
• Aromatic substances
• Liquid extracts
• Plant powders

For example, thanks to the complexity of their molecules, essential oils have been recognised for their ability to help fight against antimicrobial resistance, and that's what makes these alternative solutions particularly effective over time. 

In addition to these ingredients, we can also offer you liquid mixtures, as well as tailor-made powder mixtures.

Discover our comprehensive tailor-made support to accompany you in you customer-product project.

A well-grounded process for the development and manufacture of your products

Our in-house experts study and develop specific formulations for you, while ensuring the technical and regulatory aspect of your project. From the project's composition phase to its industrialisation, we'll support you each step of the way in the tailor-made manufacturing of your project.

Whatever your project, our support is carried out in six key steps:

1. Precisely building your specifications together: identifying and defining the ingredients, the type of galenic medium and the packaging best suited to your needs, while guiding you throughout your project.
2. Submitting first proposals of organic or conventional plant-based ingredients to reach an agreement on a theoretical offer.
3. Creating samples in our Research and Development laboratory.
4. Providing you with complete technical-regulatory documentation allowing you to approve the ingredient.
5. Manufacturing your products: receipt and control of ingredients, weighing, mixing and packaging.
6. Shipping your products: palletisation, control, release and shipment.

Animal feed, a highly regulated market with high quality requirements

In response to growing interest in more natural products in food and animal health, industry players are now fully aware of the necessity of regulatory change. 

As a player in the animal-feed industry, it is essential that you remain up-to-date with the latest regulations in force and take them into account in the development of your project. 

Surrounding yourself with experts can be an effective solution in guaranteeing your customers a product that complies with all applicable regulations Our teams at HERBAROM can advise you and support you towards your project's success!

As a committed player in animal nutrition, we are a member of Afca-Cial, the Association of Supplements Manufacturers and Suppliers of Additives and Functional Ingredients for Animal Nutrition. 

We are also FCA certified.
The FCA, or Feed Chain Alliance Standard is a European certification under the ISO 17021 and/or ISO 17065 directive that guarantees international safety and quality in animal feed.

This certification sets out the requirements for the production, processing, marketing, storage and transport of feed.

A permanent guarantee of safety and quality for all your products!

Our goal? 

To work with you to build the right solution to meet your business objective thanks to our know-how and unique comprehensive support, based on co-construction and tailor-made solutions. 


We'd love to hear from you. Our sales teams will be delighted to discuss this with you. 

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