Cosmetic trend: facial cleansers in the spotlight

Nettoyage visage

An increasingly creative offer

Facial cleansingA real beauty ritual to take care of your skin, the facial cleansing segment is becoming more and more inventive. Gel, lotion, solid cosmetic, powder, …, a galenic offer which tends to diversify to respond to the desires and uses of consumers.

In the hygiene category, facial cleansers accounted for 24% of launches in 2021 (source Mintel).

Some users prefer to separate make-up removal and cleansing, with a first product to be applied to remove make-up, then a second to rid the epidermis of residues and impurities.

In terms of trends, however, there is a certain craze for products that combine cleansing and make-up removal in a single product. In fact, these products respond to a consumer expectation of reducing the number of products used in their beauty routine, and offer some time savings.


Consumers increasingly looking for naturalness

Démaquillage visageThe trend towards naturalness has not been left behind, with formulations that include shorter lists of ingredients, and a preference for natural, or even organic ingredients, and fewer preservatives.

In addition to their moisturising action, emollients, such as plant oils and butters, are also precious allies in boosting the effectiveness of make-up removal and getting rid of the most stubborn make-up.

Finally, another challenge for the sector is to reduce the water used in formulas in a more eco-responsible approach, or to reduce packaging. From this perspective, ingredients derived from upcycling are also of real interest for cosmetic formulation.