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Luc Ardouvin's interview / by Madame Figaro magazine

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[Event] 🎧 DiscoverLuc Ardouvin's interview in the Carnet de Rencontres feature of Madame Figaro.

🌱 A great opportunity to come back to the cornerstone of our DNA: naturalness, our values and our commitment to the future.

Herbarom: 30 years of plant extraction and food supplements for the biggest brands

Since 1994, it has been supplying the biggest names in the beauty, well-being and food industries. With its unique know-how in plant extraction and the development of food supplements, the Herbarom group distils its values into all everyday products. With naturalness as its historical guideline, the laboratory is sowing the seeds of new consumer standards and defending a social, environmental and civic ethic that generates value. Portrait of a commitment that brings meaning and hope to increasingly involved and informed consumers.


Seeing the glass as half full

Naturalness is in its nature. Herbarom is first and foremost a story of convictions. Those of hundreds of men and women who have been working for nearly 30 years to put nature back at the heart of human, animal and plant health. From plant sourcing to the labelling of the finished product, the group promotes the properties of plant extracts and the quality of its food supplements through sustainable partnerships. Between audacity, high standards and transmission, it responds to the subtle variations and opportunities of its ecosystem with finely controlled processes and sustainable solutions with low industrial impact. A commitment that has attracted attention, since the laboratory has achieved double-digit growth.

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The business partner for vegetable tailor-made solutions

It is in the shadows that the magic happens, but it is out in the open that its expertise shines through. Renowned for its pioneering approach to plant extraction, the Herbarom group can boast of participating in the success of the giants of the agricultural, beauty & fragrance, food supplement and flavour & food markets. Its plant extracts, essential oils, floral waters and organic ingredients are well established in the cosmetics, perfumes and hygiene products that flood the daily lives of millions of consumers around the world. But it is also for its range of tailor-made solutions that the laboratory has been able to distinguish itself: from project design to industrial implementation, its support covers the entire value chain. Its mastery of plants is particularly valued through the development and manufacture of food supplements for the giants of the pharmacy circuit. Conclusion? We have all, one day or another, consumed some of Herbarom's wealth!

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Apple Line: Apple at the service of eco-design

Always on the lookout for emerging market trends, Herbarom stays one step ahead of consumer demands. The objective? To capture new needs at the source in order to develop new solutions with both environmental and economic benefits. Its latest innovation: Apple Line, a cosmetic range which capitalizes on the upcycling trend. The result of a partnership with the JRS laboratory, it uses the cosmetic properties of apples in minimalist and certified organic formulas. Skin, flesh, seeds: all the parts of the fruit are mobilised for the benefit of an approach to reuse the waste from the food industry. A return to the roots and a reasoned production that is already bearing fruit...


Article written by Agence Delta

Herbarom, taking inspiration from nature to transform your ideas into reality
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