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Beauty & Fragrance

Flavourings & Food

Food Supplements

Herbarom, essential-oil and food-flavouring manufacturer and laboratory

Firm convictions
and a passion for nature




Naturalness is at the heart of our DNA; it is the source of our origin. It is part of our past, our present and our future.

Our aim is to highlight the natural through our values, our speech, our daily actions and our strategic choices.

We want to share, train and advance our partners, customers, employees and students, thereby sowing the seeds for tomorrow.

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Whether for its rarity, its history, the tradition linked to it, its properties, its origin, its extraction process or its efficiency, every plant raw material is precious. Our mission is to help you choose the one that makes "sense" for you and your project.

As an expert in food supplements, Phytéo Laboratoire is specialized in the development and custom manufacturing of made-in-France nutraceuticals.

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Thanks to a rigorous selection process for quality plants, Herbarom offers a wide choice of ingredients for the formulation of your applications.


Based on the mastery of plant extraction and processing techniques, we have acquired recognised expertise in the production of your ingredients and food supplements.

At your side in each of your projects

HERBAROM quality

Our solutions reflect a quality approach, applied throughout the value chain and beyond.

The unmissables

UPCYCLING & CO-PRODUCTS: towards more responsible sourcing, production and consumption?

Discover our levers to act in favour of sustainable development through a committed offer that meets the expectations of your customers and the market