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A sustainable and committed approach at the service of your customers

Our eco-design approach

Eco-design also encompasses the concept of environmental protection and the management of natural resources, which we know are not unlimited. It aims to reduce the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. This is a comprehensive, long-term approach with which Herbarom can support you.

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HERBAROM understands that the desire for an eco-design approach is also shared with your customers, who have:

  • High standards in terms of product quality,
  • A keen eye for the composition, origin and manufacturing methods of products.

That's why, ever since our creation in 1994, we have been committed to integrating an eco-design approach in each project developed and designed for you. In particular, this is reflected in:

  • Ensuring respect for the rhythm of the plant, without permanently depleting resources.
  • Designing upcycled* products to minimise the use of new resources. This involves the recovery of plant waste from food producers that can be a source of value and represent ingredients with beneficial cosmetic properties.
  • Harvesting ingredients near our processing site to reduce the carbon footprint of the final product. HERBAROM establishes partnerships with local producers through cultivation contracts. For plants requiring sourcing outside of France, we use our expertise in the plant world to create sustainable sectors.
  • Promoting organic farming with our agricultural partners in the perfume, aromatic and medicinal plant (PAMP) sector thanks to our roots in Drôme – a pioneering region in organic farming.
  • Offering certified natural ingredients as an alternative to petrochemicals and respecting standards such as COSMOS.
  • Simplifying cosmetic formulations. HERBAROM can advise you in the choice of ingredients making up your formulas. Our goal: to prioritise legibility for consumers, transparency, efficiency and commitment.

The specific applications of eco-design at HERBAROM

Upgrading by-products from the agri-food industry into cosmetic ingredients avoids waste production and reduces the cultivated area used for non-food applications. 

For example, our eco-designed ingredients include:

  • distilled water made from the waste of apples initially used to produce cider;
  • a hydroglycerine extract based on chestnut shells;
  • a macerated oil for which we use and repurpose saffron petals from the cultivation of saffron pistils.

Good to know: By opting for HERBAROM ingredients, you'll be choosing made-in-France products to create genuinely committed cosmetics, going beyond simple marketing claims!