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How can you offer food supplements that meet the new expectations of consumers who have become ever-more nomadic and demanding? How can you guarantee their effectiveness, in dry or liquid format?

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Through Phytéo Laboratoire brand, we are committed to providing effective and innovative solutions to meet your customers' needs.

Today, consumer habits are evolving towards a more comprehensive management of health and well-being. Food supplements are on the rise and are becoming a healthy ritual with habits imitating those of the food industry.

Discover how our laboratories carry out your projects thanks to their controlled manufacturing process and adapted industrial tools.

Finely tuned know-how in the manufacture of liquid and dry galenicals

As a French leader of food supplements, Phytéo Laboratoire specialises in the production of made-in-France pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Thanks to our know-how, we can support you in the creation and manufacture of your food supplements in order to give life to each of your projects.

Together, we can create dry and liquid galenicals to match your ambitions!

Meet current trends and customer expectations by incorporating natural ingredients into your tailor-made food supplements. 

We will accompany you and advise you on the choice of galenical that best suits your project.

Our liquid galenicals

We have transformed the manufacture of liquid galenicals into a real speciality, recognised on the French market and abroad. 

What are the main benefits of liquid galenicals? The answer lies in the bioavailability of the active agents, which is increased in this format.

Liquid food supplements are easy to ingest and therefore act quickly on the body.

Focus on our liquid solutions:

  • Sprays and bottles
    In glass or PET, with screw or crimped cap and a capacity between 10 ml and 500 ml, our solutions are suitable for all your projects.
  • Liquid sticks
    Practical, lightweight and easy to use, these are gaining popularity among consumers.

Whatever your objectives in terms of the assets to be delivered, we have the right solution and galenic support, offering products faithful to the DNA of your brand, both made in France and more natural. Inspired by nature, which offers us its very best to design your dry and liquid galenic projects from plant ingredients selected at the source.

Our dry galenicals

We also offer a wide range of food supplements in dry galenic form, to adapt to your project.

Enjoy the benefits of made-in-France manufacturing and our historical know-how in the design and manufacture of various nutraceutical products.

Discover our dry galenic solutions for your food supplements:

  • Our powder sticks
    are available in dilutable or orodispersible versions, make them easy to use and transport.
    They can contain between 2 and 8 g of powder.
  • Our capsules
    They facilitate the administration of active ingredients with a particular flavour or smell. Their envelope is of bovine, vegetable or marine origin.
    They are available in sizes from 00 to 4.
  • Our tablets
    Swallowable, orodispersible or chewable, these are easily transported and offer a prolonged release of active agents. Whether you opt for the bare, uncoated tablet or a film-coated format, they offer a multitude of possibilities in terms of colours, shapes and dimensions.
    Their size varies from 80 mg to 2.5 g according to your needs.

Did you know? Dry forms guarantee maximum preservation of the product's various active agents. A significant advantage!

4 key steps to manufacturing your food supplements

The manufacture of your food supplements takes place in four major steps:

Formulation of the solution, which may incorporate Herbarom plant extracts.

  • For liquid forms: aromatisation, solubilisation, filtration, pasteurisation and thermisation 
  • For dry forms: blending, flavouring, and optionally, wet granulation.

Filling includes complementary steps specific to each type of galenic format, according to your project.

Bottles and sprays: 

  • Capping or crimping
  • Custom labelling

Sticks :

  • Soldering
  • Custom printing (= stick wrapper)


  • Capsule filling by trimming and force filling and encapsulator
  • Placement in custom pill container or blister pack


  • Compression
  • Coating
  • Flavouring
  • Placement in custom pill container or blister pack

The last step is to package your food supplements. 

Then, we insert the leaflet and any accessories (doser, for example).

Finally, we move on to the preparation of storage and shipping!


Our motto: working together to develop solutions adapted to the expectations of your customers! In this process, we offer several forms of liquid or dry galenicals. 

Do you have a project? Looking for a partner to accompany you?

We'd love to hear from you. Our sales teams are at your disposal to discuss this with you.

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